Camping Boutique Between the Mountains

Boutique camping – and Guest suites.
A complete hospitality experience in a one-of-a-kind, charming complex located on Ramot Naftali in the Upper Galilee:

Perfect for those who love to stay in a place with a view and prefer to indulge themselves. We have two charming guest suites that overlook the camping area and Mount Naftali.


A special, family-oriented area for camping that caters to small groups looking for accommodations in nature with a breathtaking views and a human touch in an ideal location for day hikes and activities. The tents camping area has a kosher kitchenette, hot showers and bathrooms, and the surrounding olive trees and vineyards provide pleasant shade.

Camping Boutique Between the Mountains 

Call now: +972-584055172 (Jenny Ehrlich Ben Ari)

Price Boutique camping: from $40 per person*
Price Guest suites: 
from $85 per person*
*Based on a couple in a suites/tent